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When your chimney has been damaged or is no longer working properly, you should always seek chimney repairs in . If you do not repair your chimney, your fireplace will create soot, debris and gas that is then stored within your home.

With the service we provide at Regal Roof Repairs, we can cover all aspects of chimney repair to restore its previous condition. This will ensure your property remains in good condition and is undamaged, whilst allowing your chimney to work correctly.

Restoration & Repair Service

Before we begin our repairs, we will always discuss customer requirements to find the issue and make sure we are prepared with the correct equipment. Working on both commercial and domestic properties in , every job is completed to the highest standard and restores the condition of your chimney. We can provide:


  • Chimney Pots Capped

  • Chimney Pots Re-fitted

  • Chimney Pots Removal

  • Chimney Pots Supply

  • Chimney Stacks Re-pointed

  • Cracks & Damaged Brickwork Restoration

  • Emergency Repairs


With several services available, no matter what damage your chimney receives, we can provide the chimney repairs to restore its condition in . We will always offer a full inspection of your chimney to spot any issues and provide our repair service to any property.

If brickwork is damaged, our restoration and repair services will ensure the chimney is back to its best condition once again.

Comprehensive Chimney Repair

Whether your chimney has been completely damaged or brickwork begins to wear away, our chimney repairs will remove any issues. We have the correct equipment available to provide a professional repair and replace parts of your chimney.

With our inspection service, we can find the issue with any property and provide a quick and professional repair service in . Our service is always carried out with professionalism, keeping your property tidy and using the best equipment so your chimney will not be damaged in the future.

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Giving Back

Regal Roof Repairs cover a large area providing a range of roofing services including roof repairs. We also deal with a number of different roofing styles, materials and designs and can always offer replacements, repairs and refurbishment to ensure your roof is in great condition. Our team can also work on both commercial and domestic properties.

If you would like more information on our services, do not hesitate to get in touch with our team. Call now on 020 8989 2385 or fill in our contact form to make an enquiry. Even if your area is not listed below, we are still happy to provide a fast response and free estimates to all clients. Areas we cover include:


  • Basildon

  • Brentwood

  • Enfield

  • Epping

  • Ilford

  • Romford

  • Stratford

  • Walthamstow

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